Past Events

Sommersemster 2013

Gemeinschaftsvorstellungen im mittelalterlichen Europa, Südarabien und Tibet im Vergleich

Mittwoch • 13.15 -14.45 • HS 34 Universität Wien, Hauptgebäude

tra 1204 e la fine della repubblica: identità e peculiarità

The Venetian "Commonwealth" between 1204 and the end of the Republic - identity and specificities

6-9 March 2013 • International Conference

Palazzo Franchetti
Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti

The conference assessed the status quo of current research on the Venetian "Commonwealth" in the long period between the establishment of the Latin Empire of Constantinople in 1204 and the end of the Respublica...

Post-Roman Dalmatia: Collapse, transformation, contact Prolegomena to the study of a forgotten region

4 February 2013

Danijel Dzino

(Australian Research Council/MacQuarie University, Sydney)

Time: 18h00-19h30

Location: Seminarraum • Wohllebengasse 12-14 • Ground Floor •1040 Wien

Organized by SFB Visions of Community (FWF) and the Institute for Medieval Research

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Continuity, Change, & Comparison: What do Mediaeval Europe and South Arabia Suggest?

24 January 2013 • Presentation/Workshop

Paul Dresch

(Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Saint John‘s College, University of Oxford)

Time: 18:30 - 20:00

Location: Seminar Room 1 • Apostelgasse 23 • 1030 Wien

Organized bySFB Visions of Community (FWF) and the Institute for Social Anthropology  

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An Historian in the Amazon

Barbara Rosenwein (Loyola University, Chicago)

11 December 2012

Location: Seminar Room 1, Ground Floor, Wohllebengasse 12-14, 1040 Wien

Time: 18h30 – 20h00

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Saracens in the Manuscript Matrix: Images of the Pagan ‚other‘ and the Transmission of Hagiography in the High Middle Ages

21 November 2012

John Eldevik (Hamilton College, Clinton, New York)

Time: 13h30

Location: Seminar Room 1 • Apostelgasse 23 • 1030 Wien

Organized bySFB Visions of Community (FWF) and the FSP Gemeinschaftskonzepte, Identitäten und politische Integration (Universität Wien)  

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internal meeting

25-26 October 2012

Narrating Community – Methodological Approaches

19 October 2012 • Workshop

in Cooperation with ERC-Project OVERMODE & Princeton University

Venue: Vienna Location: Seminarraum, Wohllebengasse 12-14, Ground Floor, 1040 Wien


The political significance of the Mutarrifiyya network: Zaydi Yemen from the 11th to the 13th century AD  

Eirik Hovden

11 October 2012 • 1800

Seminar Room 1 of the Centre for Studies in Asian Cultures and Social Anthropology
1030 Vienna
Apostelgasse 23

in Memoriam Walter DOSTAL

8. October 2012 • Symposium 

Time:18:00 – 21.30

Location: Diplomatische Akademie, A-1040 Wien, Favoritenstraße 15a

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