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A VISCOM Serial Workshop

TWG „Spiritual Visions of Communities“: Texts, Sites and Interactions / „Scholastic Communities“

27 March 2018
Venue: Room 49, Hollandstraße 11-13, 1st floor, A-1020 Vienna



Mohammed Maraqten (Qatar University)

The Term shaʿb 'tribe, commune' in Ancient Yemen: An Epigraphic Case Study

TWG Tribes & Ethnicity and Institute for Social Anthropolgy (ÖAW)

12 April, 16:00

Institute for Social Anthropology
Seminar Room
Hollandstr. 11-13, 2nd floor
A-1020 Vienna

Interdisciplinary Workshop of the Transversal Working Group
“Urban Communities and Non-Urban Sites”

26-27 April 2018

Edward M. Schoolman

The Micropolitics of Greekness in Early Medieval Italy

8 May 2018 16:30-18:00

Seminar room 50
Hollandstraße 11-13, 1st floor
1020 Vienna

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2-5 July 2018

Session I: Adventures in Comparison

Sessions II & III: TWG Medieval Biographical Collections

(assoc.) Sessions IV & V: TWG Urban Communities

Martine Segalen

CWG Kinship & Gender

6 November 2018

Venue: Room 50, Hollandstraße 11-13, 1st floor, A-1020 Vienna

Programme tba

Workshop, project "The Tibetan Empire and the Formation of Buddhist Civilisation in the Highlands"

21-23 November 2018
Venue: IKGA, Hollandstraße 11-13, 2nd floor

Programme tba