History and Anthropology

Andre Gingrich and Christina Lutter (eds.), History and Anthropology Special Issue:
Visions of Community: Comparative Approaches to Medieval Forms of Identity in Europe and Asia (2014)

Following the VISCOM Opening Conference in January 2012, we (the co-editors, Andre Gingrich and Christina Lutter) have gathered the most challenging contributions for a special issue of the peer-reviewed journal History and Anthropology. The goal of this collection has been to show the limits and possibilities connected with the development of new methods of comparison in the social and historical sciences, such as they are attempted by the members of the VISCOM Project. A truly collaborative effort, the contributions highlight many of the methodological questions and concepts central to the project, and offer various perspectives on how to tackle them; the authors have not only reflected on comparative research as such, but also on the added challenge of inter- and transdisciplinary intersections. As such, this volume has been a valuable guide for everybody involved VISCOM in its initial phase, and will hopefully remain so in the years to follow

Table of Contents

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