Kulturgeschichte der Überlieferung im Mittelalter

Elisabeth Gruber, Christina Lutter and Oliver Schmitt, Eine Kulturgeschichte der Überlieferung im Mittelalter: Quellen und Methoden zur Geschichte Mittel- und Südosteuropas (Wien; Böhlau 2017)

This volume, published by UTB, is aimed at providing an introduction to the many different types of medieval source material from Central and Southern Europe. Its focus is on treating methodological problems connected with the transmission and study of medieval texts, images and other sources; in doing so it will not only provide new perspectives on the medieval history of the area of interest, but also present source material that has hitherto been absent from introductory literature. Moreover, contrary to other German-language literature on this subject, it focuses specifically on the South-Eastern part of the Holy Roman Empire and its border regions – from the Crusader States and the Balkans to present-day Austria and Bohemia. As such, this volume will introduce students to an interesting region in a highly dynamic era, and in the process guide them through discussions ranging from periodization and genre identification to different research traditions and institutional backgrounds of both sources and interpretations. Reflecting the common research interests of all European project parts of VISCOM, this volume is a collaboration between the projects studying High Medieval Central Europe and Late Medieval Dalmatia specifically, and it will tap the expertise of many external specialists as well.

The complete bibliography of the volume can be downloaded here free of charge.

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