Southwest Arabia across History

Andre Gingrich and Siegfried Haas (eds.), Southwest Arabia across History: Essays to the Memory of Walter Dostal (Austrian Academy of Sciences Press; Wien, forthcoming)

This peer-reviewed volume is dedicated to memory of the late Prof. Walter Dostal, a pioneer in the field of South Arabian studies and instrumental in the founding of the Institute for Social Anthropology. It is based on a seminar held in his honor in Vienna in October 2013, with contributions all focusing on aspects of South Arabian history in a wider historical anthropological perspective. As such, it is highly representative of the main research interests of the VISCOM Project Part dealing with Medieval South Arabia. This is reflected not only by the fact that the volume features a number of articles by members of this project part, but also by the wide range of topics addressed, from theories of "state" and its understanding in modern and medieval discourses, to the social composition of urban space, irrigation practices, or agricultural management and cooperation.

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