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VISCOM Serial Workshop
Attention: program change!

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International Workshop
24-25 January 2019

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International Workshop

Last-minute programme change! Papers by Langelaar and Takeuchi are cancelled. The paper by Berounsky will beread in Session 5 (Thur afternoon), at 4pm. The concluding discussion of publication will be held on Thursday, 22 Nov, after Samuels' paper. The workshop will therefore close on Thursday evening. The organizers apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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Authority & Authorship

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Edward M. Schoolman

The Micropolitics of Greekness in Early Medieval Italy

With a response by Clemens Gantner (Austrian Academy of Sciences)

8 May 2018 16:30-18:00

Seminar room 50
Hollandstraße 11-13, 1st floor
1020 Vienna

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