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Serial Workshop Scholastic Communities

"Rethinking Scholastic Communities across Medieval Eurasia I: Scholastic Communities"

a VISCOM Serial Workshop

27 March 2018

Venue: Room 49, Hollandstr. 11-13, 1st floor, A-1020 Vienna

The first workshop “Scholastic Communities” tackles the sociohistorical for­mation of scholastic communities by probing issues of stabilization and dyna­mization, orthodoxy and heterodoxy, and situating intellectualist movements in a broader spectrum within religious traditions. How do such self-reflective, highly systematic intellectual groups as scholastics form in particular social settings? Is scholasticism meaningfully approached as an intervention in a si­tuation that its advocates judge to be defective (involving inside or outside challenges to erstwhile authority)? Are the agents pursuing the formation of scholastic movements unequivocally religious „conservatives“ aiming to resto­re lost orthodoxy? What are potential „others“ against which scholastic com­munities define themselves?


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