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VISCOM @ IMC LEEDS 2018, 2-5 July

VISCOM sponsored and VISCOM related Sessions:

  • Adventures in Comparison (Organiser: Walter Pohl)
  • Comparative Perspectives on Medieval Biographical Collections (Organisers: Rutger Kramer, Veronika Wieser)
  • Tales of Two Cities - Urban Identities and Biographical Collections in the High Middle Ages (Organisers: Rutger Kramer, Veronika Wieser)
  • Global Practices of Memory and Exchange I: Maritime Transfer and Communication in the Mediterrnean and the Indian Ocean (1200-1550) (Organisers: Károly Goda, Fabian Kümmeler)
  • Global Practices of Memory and Exchange II: Acts of Remembering in Central European Towns and Cities (1200-1550) (Organisers: Károly Goda, Fabian Kümmeler)
  • Investing in Memory: Civic Endowments, Material Culture and Urban Communities I & II (Organisers: Elisabeth Gruber, Judit Majorossy)
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