Cinzia Grifoni

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Department of History • University of Vienna

Cinzia Grifoni studied Classics at the University of Florence. For her doctoral research at the University of Udine she specialised in Medieval Latin and exegesis. She was a visiting fellow at the Herzog-August-Bibliothek of Wolfenbüttel and at the University of Heidelberg. She has been working at the Institute for Medieval Research at Vienna since 2011, first within the ERC-Project SCIRE and since May 2016 within the SFB-Project VISCOM. The focus of her research is the early medieval manuscript production of the Alsacian monastery of Wissembourg, the reception and re-adaptation of Latin grammatical material in manuscripts dating until c. 1000, as well as the use and understanding of ethnic terminology in works produced and used in early medieval classrooms.

Selected Publications:

  • Transformations of Romanness in the Early Middle Ages: Regions and Identities, Berlin: De Gruyter (ed. W. Pohl, C. Gantner, C. Grifoni and M. Pollheimer-Mohaupt)
  • Reading the Catholic Epistles: Glossing practices at early medieval Wissembourg, in: The Annotated Book. Early Medieval Practices of Reading and Writing, M. von Teeuwen – I. van Reswoude (eds.), Turnhout (Utrecht Studies in Medieval Literacy)
  • Auf Otfrids Spuren in der frühmittelalterlichen Bibliothek Weißenburg, in: Wolfenbüttel Marginalien im Bild und Text. Essays zu mittelalterlichen Handschriften, Hg. von Patrizia Carmassi – Christian Heitzmann, Reihe: Wolfenbütteler Hefte
  • A new witness of the third recension of ps.-Methodius’ Revelationes: Winithar’s manuscript Sankt Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, MS 238 and the role of Rome in human history, in: Early Medieval Europe 2014 22/4, 446-460.
  • Otfridi Wizanburgensis, Glossae in Matthaeum, ed. C. Grifoni, CC CM 200, Turnhout 2003.
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