Cinzia Grifoni

"Cinzia Grifoni"


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Department of History • University of Vienna

Cinzia Grifoni studied Classics at the University of Florence. For her doctoral research at the University of Udine she specialised in Medieval Latin and exegesis. She was a visiting fellow at the Herzog-August-Bibliothek of Wolfenbüttel and at the University of Heidelberg. She has been working at the Institute for Medieval Research at Vienna since 2011, first within the ERC-Project SCIRE and since May 2016 within the SFB-Project VISCOM. The focus of her research is the early medieval manuscript production of the Alsacian monastery of Wissembourg, the reception and re-adaptation of Latin grammatical material in manuscripts dating until c. 1000, as well as the use and understanding of ethnic terminology in works produced and used in early medieval classrooms.


  • (Forthcoming): Transformations of Romanness in the Early Middle Ages: Regions and Identities, Berlin: De Gruyter (ed. W. Pohl, C. Gantner, C. Grifoni and M. Pollheimer-Mohaupt)
  • (Forthcoming) Reading the Catholic Epistles: Glossing practices at early medieval Wissembourg, in: The Annotated Book. Early Medieval Practices of Reading and Writing, M. von Teeuwen – I. van Reswoude (eds.), Turnhout (Utrecht Studies in Medieval Literacy);
  • (Forthcoming) Auf Otfrids Spuren in der frühmittelalterlichen Bibliothek Weißenburg, in: Wolfenbüttel Marginalien im Bild und Text. Essays zu mittelalterlichen Handschriften, Hg. von Patrizia Carmassi – Christian Heitzmann, Reihe: Wolfenbütteler Hefte
  • A new witness of the third recension of ps.-Methodius’ Revelationes: Winithar’s manuscript Sankt Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, MS 238 and the role of Rome in human history, in: Early Medieval Europe 2014 22/4, 446-460.
  • Otfridi Wizanburgensis, Glossae in Matthaeum, ed. C. Grifoni, CC CM 200, Turnhout 2003.
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