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Francesco Borri

Francesco Borri


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Institute for Medieval Research • Austrian Academy of Sciences

Francesco Borri researches the development of identities and narratives of origin in early Medieval Dalmatia and Italy, framing the identification discourse in the broader history of society, communications and political structures. He studied medieval history and archaeology at the Ca´ Foscari University of Venice, where he completed also his doctoral research working on a dissertation on early Medieval Adriatic. During and after his Ph.D. studies he worked and researched in Germany, England, Austria and the United States. Since 2009, he works in Vienna where he has been junior researcher in the FWF-Wittgenstein-project „Ethnic Identities in Early Medieval Europe”. Within VisCom he is now working on the traditions on King Alboin’s death and the role of social memory in the Lombard kingdom between 600 and 900. Mr. Borri is also planning a monograph on early Medieval Dalmatia (400 – 1000)

Selected Publications:

  • Gli Istriani e i loro parenti. Φράγγοι, Romani e Slavi nella periferia di Bisanzio, in: Jahrbuch der Österreichischen Byzantinistik 60 (2010) 1-25.

  • White Croatia and the Arrival of the Croats: An Interpretation of Constantine Porphyrogenitus on the Oldest Dalmatian History’, in: Early Medieval Europe 19 (2011) 204-231.

  • Murder by Death: Alboin's life, end(s), and means, in: Millennium 8 (2011) 223-270