Graeme Ward

Graeme Ward


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British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Jesus CollegeUniversity of Oxford

Graeme Ward studied history at the University of Glasgow, before beginning his doctoral research at the University of Cambridge, which he completed in July 2014. His PhD thesis focused on the structure and emphases of the universal history written by Frechulf of Lisieux in c. 830, as well as the cultural and intellectual contexts which shaped Frechulf’s work. Broadly speaking, Graeme’s current research seeks to explore the intersections between historiography and biblical studies in the early medieval west; more particularly, he is interested in the transmission and reception of late antique historical texts in the Carolingian world.


  • (with Rosamond McKitterick) The knowledge of Jewish history in the early Middle Ages, in: Barbarians and Jews in the early Middle Ages, eds. Yitzhak Hen, Ora Limor, Thomas F.X. Noble, (Brepols: Turnhout, forthcoming)
  • Lessons in leadership: Constantine and Theodosius in Frechulf’s Histories, in: Cultural Memory and the Resources of the Past, eds. Rosamond McKitterick, Sven Meeder, and Clemens Gantner (CUP: Cambridge, 2015)
  • All roads lead to Rome? Frechulf of Lisieux, Augustine and Orosius, Early Medieval Europe (2014)
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