Manu Radhakrishnan

Manu Radhakrishnan


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Department of History • University of Vienna

Manu Radhakrishnan studied Economics at Harvard and History first at the Graduate Centre of the City University of New York (MA 2006) and then at Princeton University (MA 2006, PhD 2012). He has been working at the Institute for Medieval Studies (Austrian Academy of Sciences) since 2012 and has been a researcher in the ERC Starting Grant OVerMode. His research centres on Late Antique Latin monastic hagiography (the Liber vitas patrum collection of stories of the desert fathers and mothers of Egypt) and its late medieval vernacular lay reception, primarily in Italy. He is working on the Latin hagiographical dossier of the Egyptian hermit Onuphrius, the last of the desert parents to be introduced to the West, as well as the Legendarium Austriacum Minus, a late medieval Latin legendary that circulated primarily in Austria and southern Germany. He enjoys working with unedited manuscripts.














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