Rutger Kramer

Rutger Kramer


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Department of History • University of Vienna

Rutger Kramer has studied French and English at the Hogeschool Maastricht, and History at Utrecht University. After finishing his M.Phil. thesis on the use of the Bible in early medieval Breton hagiography, he went to the Freie Universität Berlin to write his PhD thesis on Carolingian rulership and monastic reforms in the eighth and ninth centuries, as part of the DFG/ANR project Hludowicus: Die Produktivität einer Krise. After finishing his thesis (Great Expectations: Imperial Ideologies and Ecclesiastical Reforms from Charlemagne ot Louis the Pious, 813-822), he came to Vienna as part of the Project Coordination Team, before moving on to a full-time research post within the team working on Early Medieval Europe. Rutger's research interests currently include early medieval monasticism, Carolingian hagiographical and other narrative sources, medieval Bretagne and Aquitaine and, more generally, the interdependence between overarching ideologies and individual communities.

Select Publications

  • You only die twice: Abbots between community and empire (together with Veronika Wieser), in: Hortus Artium Medievalium 23 (2017).
  • Order in the Church: Understanding councils and performing ordines in the Carolingian Empire, in: Early Medieval Europe 25.1 (2017), 54-69.
  • Adopt, adapt and improve: Dealing with the Adoptionist controversy at the court of Charlemagne, in: Rob Meens et al. eds., Religious Franks: Religion and Politics in the Frankish World (Manchester 2016), 32-50.
  • Lateran thinking: Building an idea of Rome at the Carolingian court (together with Clemens Gantner), in: Viator 47.3 (2016), 1-26.
  • Teaching emperors: Transcending the boundaries of Carolingian monastic communities, in: Walter Pohl, Christina Lutter and Eirik Hovden (eds.), Meanings of Community across Medieval Eurasia (Leiden 2016), 309-337.
  • Introduction: Spiritual communities across medieval Eurasia, in: Walter Pohl, Christina Lutter and Eirik Hovden (eds.), Meanings of Community across Medieval Eurasia (Leiden 2016), 273-288.
  • Agobard of Lyon, empire, and adoptionism: Re-using heresy to purify the faith, in: Journal of the LUCAS Graduate Conference 4 (2016), 8-23.
  • Dissens, Debatte und Diskurs: Kirche und Imperium in der Karolingerzeit (together with Irene van Renswoude), in: Historicum 31, Themenschwerpunkt "Visions of Community" (2014), 22-27.
  • Wondering about comparison: Enclaves of learning in medieval Europe and South Arabia – Prolegomena to a comparative research project (together with Eirik Hovden), in: Networks and Neighbours 2 (2014), 20-45.



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