Salvatore Liccardo

Salvatore Liccardo


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Department of History • University of Vienna

Salvatore Liccardo has studied History at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. His Bachelor thesis was about the migration of the Visigoths, between the end of the 4th century and the beginning of the 5th century, and their settlement in Aquitania in 418 A.D. During his Master he spent a semester at the Universität Wien as Erasmus student to increase his knowledge of Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages. In order to examine in depth the transformation of the Roman world, he choose as main theme of his Master thesis the socio-political and cultural role played by the bishops between the 4th and the 6th century Salvatore in the Mediterranean area, with a focus on North Africa and Gaul. During the Wintersemester 2012/2013 he attended two seminars at the Freie Universität Berlin to analyse the relationships between the episcopal authorities and the popular movements, such as the Donatism and the Bagaudae, which perturbed the social order during the Late Antiquity. In February 2013 he graduated cum laude. His research interests include the ethnical interactions between Roman and Barbaric communities, the gradual formation of the national identities in Early Medieval Europe and the social role assumed by the ecclesiastical institutions during the last centuries of the Roman empire and after.

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