Walter Pohl

Walter Pohl

Univ.-Prof. Dr.

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Department of History • University of Vienna
Institute for Medieval Research • Austrian Academy of Sciences

Walter Pohl is Professor of medieval history at the University of Vienna and director of the Institute for Medieval Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. He has also taught at Los Angeles (UCLA), Leiden, Budapest (CEU) and Ishevsk (Russia). He is fellow of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and was awarded the Wittgenstein Prize (2004) and the ERC Advanced Grant (2010). His fields of study cover the role of ethnicity and identity in late antiquity and the early middle ages, the tranformation of the Roman world and the development of the post-Roman kingdoms, early medieval historiography and its manuscript transmission, early medieval lawcodes, the history of the Eurasian steppe peoples and Italian cultural and political history until c. 1000 AD.

Selected books:

  • Die Awaren. Ein Steppenvolk in Mitteleuropa, 567-822 n.Chr. (München 1988, 2002, english translation forthcoming), 529 S.
  • Die Germanen (Enzyklopädie der deutschen Geschichte 57, München 2000, 22004), 160 S.
  • Le origini etniche dell’Europa. Barbari e Romani tra antichità e medioevo (Rom 2000), 325 S. Werkstätte der Erinnerung. Montecassino und die langobardische Vergangenheit (MIÖG Erg. Bd. 39, Wien 2001), 262 S.
  • Die Völkerwanderung. Eroberung und Integration (Stuttgart-Berlin-Köln 2002, 2005), 266 S.
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