Herbert Krammer

Herbert Krammer


Associate Project Investigator • CV contact

Institute for Medieval Research • Austrian Academy of Sciences

Herbert Krammer studied History (2011–2014) and Austrian Historical Research at the University of Vienna (2014–2018) and at the University of Basel (2015). Since 2013 he has been engaged as a freelancer at the library of Klosterneuburg Monastery and has participated in several projects concerning monastic networks and digitisation of medieval sources.

He has recently been working on an edition of the council minutes of Zwettl (territorial city in Lower Austria) in the late 16th century. His research interests include comparative urban history, monastic networks and church reforms (“cultural reforms“) of the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Period.


VISCOM-related activities

  • Mapping medieval charters. A Digital Project of the Traditionscodex of the Augustinian Canons in Klosterneuburg, 12th-13th.
  • Die Zisterzienserinnen von St. Niklas im 14. Jahrhundert. Soziales Beziehungsnetz, Stiftungspraxis und Klosterökonomie (MA-Thesis Univ. Wien 2017).
  • Mittelalterliche Handschriften in österreichischen Bibliotheken (www.manuscripta.at).
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