Judit Majorossy

"Judith Majorossy"

MMag. Dr.

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Department of History • University of Vienna (Without FWF-Funding)

Judit Majorossy conducted General Historical and English Studies at the University of Pécs, and afterwards also studied for a second MA Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies at the Central European University in Budapest. Her dissertation dealt with urban testaments and civic donations in the Late Middle Ages in Hungary. For two years (2009–2010) she worked as a Humboldt Fellow in Münster at the Institute of Comparative Urban Studies, and later taught doctoral seminars at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. Since 2015 she is a member of the Institute of Austrian History Research and Senior Scientist (PostDoc) at the University of Vienna with a focus on (East) Central European history. Her research interests are urban social history and urban topography (social topography and the usage of urban spaces) as well as the urban administration and networks in the late Middle Ages in the border region of the Duchy of Austria and the Kingdom of Hungary. Currently she works, on the one hand, on a book on Medieval Pressburg and, on the other hand, on a habilitation project aiming at a comparative investigation of regional (border) urban relationships in late medieval East Central Europe – including both the social structures and the institutional relationships of several urban communities and the personal and communal networks in the region.

Publications relating to VISCOM:

  • Majorossy, J. (2013): “Stadt und Adelige im mittelalterlichen West-Ungarn,” in: Mittler zwischen Herrschaft und Gemeinde. Die Rolle von Funktions- und Führungsgruppen in der mittelalterlichen Urbanisierung Zentraleuropas. Hrsg. von Elisabeth Gruber, Susanna Claudine Pils, Herwig Weigl. Forschungen und Beiträge zur Wiener Stadtgeschichte 56. Wien–Innsbruck–Bozen: Studien Verlag. 109–150.
  • Majorossy, J. (2012): “From the Judge’s House to the Town’s House. Town Halls in Medieval Hungary,” in: Rathäuser als multifunktionale Räume der Repräsentation, der Parteiungen und des Geheimnisses. Hrsg. von Martin Scheutz. Forschungen und Beiträge zur Wiener Stadtgeschichte 55. Wien–Innsbruck–Bozen: Studien Verlag, 2012, 155–208.
  • Majorossy, J. (2008): “Late Medieval Confraternities in Pressburg,” in: Pfarreien in Mitteleuropa im Mittelalter. Deutschland, Polen, Tschechien und Ungarn im Vergleich. Hrsg. von Nathalie Kruppa, Leszek Zygner. Veröffentlichungen des Max-Planck-Instituts für Geschichte 238. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht. 339–362.
  • Majorossy, J. (2012): “Community and Individuality in Urban Space. The Socio-Topography of Butchers in Medieval Urban Space Through the Case of Pressburg in Comparison.” Czech and Slovak Journal of Humanities 2 (2011): 6–32.

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