Eva Maria Knoll

Mag.a Dr.

Associate Project Investigator • Financial Coordinator (ISA) • CVcontact 

Institute for Social Anthropology • Austrian Academy of Sciences

While finishing her magistra and doctoral degrees in the fields of medical anthropology at the University of Vienna (in social anthropology and science studies), Eva-Maria Knoll served as coordinator at the Center for Gender Studies there. In 2001, she joined the Austrian Academy of Sciences' Institute for Social Anthropology (and its predecessor units). Today, she is an established specialist at the various intersections between mobility, health, and tourism for the Indian Ocean World, with special expertise in the Maldives and their history. She has single-authored the entry (2018) on the Maldives for the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Asian History (New York: Oxford University Press),and has co-authored (with Andre Gingrich)a peer-reviewed analysis of local knowledge in late medieval and early modern interactions between Arabia and the Maldives (http://dx.doi.org/10.7340/anuac2239-625X-3521). Both these as well as others among her academic contributions highlight through the example of the Maldivian archipelago processes of local community formation in the Indian Ocean World in pre-colonial and early colonial contexts. In addition to her scholarly contributions to VISCOM's wider academic endeavors in South Arabian interactions with the historical Indian Ocean World, two major organisational contributions have also defined her part in VISCOM for ISA: one, she has nearly single-handedly managed ISA's finances throughout almost a decade of FWF- and Academy- funded VISCOM activities; two, she has initiated and established a long-term cooperation between ISA and the Indian Ocean World Center at Mc Gill University (Canada).

Last Update: 17.07.19