Reinier Langelaar

"Reinier Langelaar"


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Institute for the Cultural and Intellectual History of Asia • Austrian Academy of Sciences

Reinier Langelaar received his M.A. in Central Asian Studies from the Humboldt University in Berlin in 2014. His M.A. thesis, titled “Clans of Reb-gong? The Tsho-ba of a Tibetan Agricultural Village”, took an ethno-historical approach towards kinship, origin stories, and social organization on the Eastern Tibetan Plateau. These interests are carried on in his current doctoral work, where he concentrates on Central Tibetan “clan” genealogies (gdung-rabs), with a specific focus on the documents pertaining to the Rlangs-lha-gzigs lineage, associated with the Phag-mo-gru ruling house that ruled the Central Tibetan Plateau from 1354-ca. 1480. Methodologically, the work incorporates both historical textual research and fieldwork. It seeks to address the nature, role, and history of these genealogical documents, and the degree to which they can be pinned to past ethnographic realities.

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