Associated Projects

Associated Projects & Cooperations

ERC Social Cohesion, Identity and Religion in Europe 400 - 1200 (SCIRE)

Leader: Prof. Walter Pohl

ERC The Perception of Other Religions in the Christian Occident during the Early and Central Middle Ages (5th-12th centuries)

Leader: Prof. Hans-Werner Goetz

ERC The legal status of religious minorities in the Euro-Mediterranean world (5th-16th centuries)

Leader: Prof. John Tolan

SFP-project Bedrohte Ordnungen

Leader: Steffen Patzold  (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen)

Detalle de Folio 5r from the Codex Amiatinus


Narratives of Ethnic and Tribal Origins in Eurasian Comparison

workshop of the transversal working group ‘Tribes and Ethnicity’


Abrogans of Admont

New Publication

Kulturgeschichte der Überlieferung im Mittelalter

VISCOM event photos