Research Focus

Texts of Identity

The main activity in this cluster is the collaborative project Historiographies of Identity, which focuses on how political, social and religious identities were constructed through and within the writing of history. Through a series of major international conferences, this project invites wide-ranging comparison on the social functions of historical writing from classical Antiquity to the Middle Ages. Within the framework of this sub-project, particular attention is being devoted to three Carolingian universal histories: the Chronicon Moissiacense, Frechulf of Lisieux’s Histories and Ado of Vienne’s Chronicon. In addition to historiography, hagiography is another topic being explored both narrowly, as a particular expression of Christian commemoration and identity, and also comparatively, by situating this literary genre alongside spiritual biographies of prominent religious figures from South Arabia and Tibet.


  • Graeme Ward
  • Rutger Kramer
  • Sukanya Rai-Sharma
  • Giorgia Vocino
  • Manu Radhakrishnan

Illustration: Sacramentarium Gelasianum. Frontispice et Incipit. France. Milieu du VIIIe siècle. Vatican. Bibliothèque Apostolique. Reg. Lat. 316. Folios 131v/132. (Wiki Commons)

Last Update: 17.07.19